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The "Toronto York Division" fact sheet:

Our Division is located in Toronto, in the province of Ontario in Canada. We are one of 14 Divisions across Canada with our National Division, the Canadian Railroad Historical Association located in Delson-St. Constant, Quebec near Montreal. The the Canadian Railway Museum is also located in Delson-St. Constant.

Our Division offers the following services and activities to our members;

  1. We maintain an Archive Room, with many books, periodicals, photos, diagrams, and plans of various railway related items, such as locomotives, stations and freight and passenger equipment. The Archives Room is open by appointment only. Call Gord Billinghurst (Archive Manager) at (416) 536-2894, please leave a message, as messages are retrieved on a weekly basis
  2. Ten monthly meetings are held each year from September until June. Usually our guest speaker will give a presentation on Railway History, or places of Railway or Transit interest. For our calendar of events, see our Monthly Activities.
  3. We organize and host Canada's Largest MODEL RAILWAY SHOW every March. Here is some information on this year's show. 2004 Model Show Information Page

4. "TURNOUT" - Our Monthly Newsletter is published 9 times annually. Each 12 page illustrated issue, contains rail and transit news as well as member's articles of rail and transit interest.

5. Several excursions and walking tours are held every year.

Membership Rates and Application Form  

Contacting the "Toronto York Division":

 E-mail Us - please when e-mailing for any information about the Division, include a phone number or mailing address. Due the volume, inquiries for Historical facts, research or information can not be answered by e-mail, but must be requested in writing to the "Toronto & York Division - Archives" at 527B Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, On. M4S 2M4

Our phone number is (416) 536-2894; please leave a message, as messages are retrieved on a weekly basis

Membership Rates and Application Form

 "Toronto York Division" Executive Officers:

President: Joel Rice (416) 536-2894 (leave message)

Public Affairs: Jack Bell (416) 536-2894 (leave message)

Finance: Tony Rubin

Sales & Archive Manager/ 2004 Model Railway Contact: Gord Billinghurst (416) 536-2894 (leave message)

Turnout Editor: John Bowles

Membership Co-ordinator: Richard Montgomery

Webmaster: Richard Montgomery

Recording Secretary: Douglas Wannamaker 

Model Show Information: 2004 Model Show Information Page Main Index

Updated: October 1, 2003